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Kaivalyam Yoga Centre
Kaivalyam Yoga

Kaivalyam Yoga Retreat, close to Belagavi, is spread over 14 acres with Spectacular Mountain views of western ghats. 900 feet long stretch from East slopes down to West with a staggering slope of 120 feet and terminates with a Stream. The 1.5 KM long approach road from the Main Road to site is by Mud Road at the top of site. The same road leads down to all the facilities of entire site.

Hospitatlity architecture bangalore-4site architects
Kaivalyam Yoga Centre -4site architects

The entire Site development revolves around the minimal interventions and with minimal construction systems. The water management is through the existing ” dilapidated Well” at site on SW corner. We rejuvenated the “dilapidated well” and made it a community space for gatherings. Additional WELL dug into the site for additional water requirement for Landscape purposes.

[Kaivalyam]-[Belgaum], 4site architetects, Bangalore architects, architects in Bangalore
Yoga Centre, 4site architects
[Kaivalyam]-[Belgaum], 4site architetects, Bangalore architects, architects in Bangalore
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Kaivalyam Roof plan
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[Kaivalyam]-[Belgaum], 4site architetects, Bangalore architects, architects in Bangalore
Kaivalyam Yoga Ashram
4siteArchitects YogaCentre aerial 2
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Reception block is designed along the natural topography and along the trees. The framing of the Existing tree

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Kaivalyam Site picture
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Kaivalyam Model picture
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Kaivalyam Site
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